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Ever since the late 1970s and early 1980s, China has been gradually re-opening its doors to foreigners, for its own benefit and for the edification, pleasure, and thrill of those adventurous souls who wish to travel to this most ancient of nations. China is changing, progressing, and developing literally on a daily basis, and whatever your own political, ideological, and personal views are regarding this diverse land, everyone has much to learn, experience, and enjoy in China.

My own fascination with China began in 2008 when I traveled to Shanghai and then up to Nanjing as a visiting professor to a joint-venture campus my university opened. My life was totally changed and enriched, and I now have a “heart for China.” I met fascinating people, made lasting friendships, and visited some truly enchanting cities that present ancient histories and diverse landscapes. Most of my travels have been in the eastern parts of China, including Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. I returned to China in 2009 doing volunteer work with poor and orphaned children through Bring Me Hope in the city of Kunming, located in the beautiful Yunnan province.

I have many stories to tell and adventures to share in both word and picture. I am continually updating this site, so please bookmark it and visit often. Share the site with your friends or with anyone you know who may be interested in visiting China. Not only do I share my adventures, but I also reveal little tips to aid the traveler in his or her own excursions. It is my hope that this site will encourage others to travel to China and experience the mystery, beauty, and culture for themselves and to witness a China rarely seen on the evening news. And even if you never eventually make it to China, I hope you find this site interesting and educational.